Our Team

experienced top-tier artificial intelligence experts and product managers for AI Portraits.

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Ethan Carter

AI Research Scientist

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Oliver Bennett

Machine Learning Engineer

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Luna Montgomery

AI Artist or Creative Director

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Aria Phillips

Product Manager

About Us

Welcome to AI Portraits Org, your gateway to the era of Artificial Intelligence. Embrace the wave of technological innovation with us, and discover how AI can redefine the ordinary.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to help usher more individuals into the AI era, embracing the wave of technological advancements. We believe in the power of AI to enhance everyday experiences, and we are here to make cutting-edge AI technologies accessible to all.

  • Who We Are

    Founded in 2022 by Fred, an expert in AI applications, our team at AI Portraits Org is devoted to bringing the most advanced AI products into the everyday lives of common people, enhancing societal productivity. Fred has led the creation of several products, each with over a million users, and holds substantial influence within the industry. Our specialty lies in utilizing Midjourney technology for image generation and advanced AI face-swapping technology to help users create AI Portraits for various scenarios. Over the past three months since our inception, we have welcomed 700,000 visitors to our platform, generated 2 million AI Portraits, and received an overwhelming response from our growing community.

  • What We Offer

    We offer a platform where imagination meets innovation. Our AI-driven portrait generation services allow you to see the magic of AI in action. Create stunning portraits tailored to different scenarios, all powered by our proprietary Midjourney technology and state-of-the-art AI face-swapping tech.

  • Our Impact

    Within just three months of launching, AI Portraits Org has already attracted 700,000 visitors, generated over 2 million AI Portraits, and garnered a vast amount of positive feedback. We are continuously driven to improve and expand our services to meet the evolving needs of our users.

  • In The Media

    We're honored to have been featured in a Data Economy article, which explores the essence and utility of our AI Portraits services. Additionally, we’ve received commendations from social media influencers on TikTok and YouTube, showcasing the engaging and innovative nature of our platform.

Contact Us

We are here to assist you on your journey into the realm of AI. Reach out to us at support@ai-portraits.org, and we typically respond within 24 hours.

Company Information

  • Principal Office Address: 81807 E. County Road 22, Deer Trail, CO 80105, US

Join us on this exciting journey into the future, as we explore the boundless possibilities that AI has to offer. Your adventure into the AI realm starts here at AI Portraits Org.