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How to Create AI Yearbook Photos with is a new website that allows you to generate AI yearbook photos. Here's how to use it

  • 1

    Go to and click "Try AI Yearbook"

  • 2

    Upload a good quality selfie

  • 3

    Select your gender

  • 4

    Wait for your AI yearbook photos to be delivered (about one minute) will transform your selfies into nostalgic high school yearbook photos with different poses, looks and backgrounds. Relive your school days with AI!

Create Nostalgic AI Yearbook Photos with

  • The latest social media craze is sharing AI yearbook photos that look straight out of the 90s. lets you easily create nostalgic AI yearbook photos.
  • Just upload 8-12 selfies with different poses and expressions. will transform them into 60 different AI-generated yearbook photos showcasing you with various 90s hairstyles, clothes and backgrounds.
  • Pay a small fee and get your AI yearbook photos delivered within hours. Relive your high school glory days with this fun AI experience from!

Go Back to the 90s with the 90s Yearbook Generator

  • Take a trip down memory lane with the 90s yearbook generator. This exciting AI tool lets you recreate your high school experience in the tubular 90s.

  • Simply upload a few selfies and will generate 60 retro-style AI yearbook photos for you. The AI-created photos feature classic 90s hairstyles, fashion, and backdrops. Become a cheerleader, jock, nerd, or more!

  • Share these nostalgic AI photos with friends for a major throwback to your youth in the 90s. The 90s yearbook generator lets you relive your glory days of high school. Give it a try for a rad blast from the past!

AI Yearbook App Takes You Back in Time

  • is the hottest new AI yearbook app going viral online. It uses artificial intelligence to transform your selfies into authentic looking 90s high school yearbook photos.

  • Just upload your pics, make a small payment, and will deliver 60 AI-generated yearbook photos showcasing you as a cheerleader, jock, nerd, and more.

  • With cool 90s hairstyles, clothes and backdrops, it's a blast from the past! Download the app and join the AI yearbook trend today.

AI Yearbook App Takes You Back in Time

You may have seen AI yearbook photos on social media that look like retro high school portraits. This new trend uses AI to transform regular selfies into stylized yearbook shots. Apps like let you upload photos of yourself which are then used to generate AI yearbook images featuring different outfits, poses, and backgrounds. The results often have a nostalgic 90s aesthetic with the classic blue-gray yearbook backdrop. Give the AI yearbook trend a try with for some old school fun!